Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Wellness Social Club?

    Some Wellness Social Clubs seem like a spa or a cosmetics store that happens to have a community. At Kizunara Wellness, we focus on the relationships and community first. Here you'll find opportunities to connect deeply with Your Core Group as well as wellness classes and events to connect with other members in our broader community. And if you're into wellness products or treatments, we can point you in the direction of what really works.

  • What does Kizunara mean?

    Kizunara (pronounced KEE-zoo-nah-rah) is a a fusion of "Kizuma," "Sankara," and "Nara," indicating a space where strong bonds, learning from the past, and tranquil moments coexist. We chose a name that represents our Asian heritage because we've infused techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic traditions into our programs. We believe anyone, regardless of background, can learn from the wisdom of other cultures.

  • Where are you located?

    We are currently accepting members in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. Core Group meetings are virtual and in-person events are hosted at partner locations as we build out a space.

    We hope to expand to more cities soon. If you would like to see us in your city, please fill out our contact form and let us know.

  • Is Kizunara Wellness Social Club considered group therapy?

    While our facilitators are licensed to perform therapy in their home states, Kizunara Wellness is only providing coaching services. Coaching will include education around topics and behavioral techniques that may aid in overall wellness. Formal diagnoses will not be provided.

  • What types of topics are discussed in The Core Group?

    Each Core Group meets virtually every two weeks and sessions alternate between progressing through the Science-Backed Curriculum and topics selected by your group.

    The curriculum consists of a short class reviewing the pre-reading, breath work, meditation, mindfulness, individual expression, psychodrama, reflection, journaling and connection with others. We have found the virtual meetings to be just as effective as in person meetings.

  • Who are the Intuitive Guides?

    All our guides are professional, licensed psychologists or clinical social workers, who are trained in our science-backed curriculum and ready to support you in your journey. In addition to being trained in experiential therapy, our guides typically have these types of licenses: LMFT, LCSW, and PsyD.

  • Can I pick my Intuitive Guide?

    Members are not able to pick their Intuitive Guide. In the self-help category, there often gurus with large followings that emerge and we find that too much focus on any one guide detracts from our members' progress. All the Intuitive Guides are effective in leading their groups and excited to work with you.

  • What if I don't like my Intuitive Guide?

    All our guides are well equipped to adapt to different personalities and group dynamics. We typically will not re-assign you to another Intuitive Guide unless there is an emergency.

  • What if people in my group cancel their membership?

    While we hope your group stays connected, sometimes people move or discover they need a different type of support for their journey. That's ok! Your Intuitive Guide will work with our Admissions Team to ensure you continue to have a strong Core Group experience by working with you to determine if you want to fill those seats with someone new or if you want to get re-matched.

  • Who is Kizunara Wellness Social Club for?

    Members of our community typically have the following level of experience: Business Owners, Founders, C-Suite, VPs, Directors, Heads Of, and high performing Principal Level Individual Contributors. If you are an independent consultant, solopreneur, or celebrity with a team, you may also qualify. Our members come from all functions and industries.

  • How long does the admissions process take?

    Due to high demand, we are currently working through a large waitlist of membership enquiries. If your membership enquiry is approved, you will be notified that you have been entered into the matching pool. When there is a suitable core group that matches your needs, you will be notified of possible dates for The Retreat to kick off your experience. Attendance at The Retreat is mandatory to join the wellness social club. You will not be charged until you are matched into a group and you confirm your attendance at The Retreat.

  • How do I join the Kizunara Wellness Social Club?

    The first step is to submit a Membership Enquiry. The initial enquiry form only requires a few basic pieces of information. Once the basic information is verified, an admissions specialist will reach out to answer questions and get you going through the process.

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  • Do I really need to attend The Retreat to become an active member?

    Yes, attending the retreat is necessary to become a member of the Wellness Social Club and Your Core Group. Attending in person is essential for building trust with your Core Group and for embarking on a new phase of your healing journey.

    Learn more about The Retreat 
  • Can I pay with my company's professional development stipend?

    Yes, generally you will be able to use your company's ongoing professional development stipend to pay for the Kizunara Wellness Social Club in whole or in part. It's typically better to apply first, and get approved, and then present the program to your HR team after you have been accepted. We are happy to help you with the communications and can provide supplemental materials if necessary.

  • Can I pay with my company's wellness stipend?

    Yes, generally you will be able to use your company's wellness stipend to pay for the Wellness Social Club in whole or in part. It's typically better to apply first, and get approved, and then present the program to your HR team after you have been accepted. We are happy to help you with the communications and can provide supplemental materials if necessary.

  • How is the Kizunara Wellness Social Club priced compared to alternatives?

    • Individual coaches claiming to can run up to $7,000 for just 6 weeks of guidance or less.
    • Some wellness retreats run up to $7,600 for just 4 days of programming and lodging.
    • Other luxury retreats only provide spa treatments, which are just bandaids and not true after care.
    • Most 1 on 1 therapists don't accept insurance and charge $200-250 per session. 1 Month of the Science Backed Curriculum and access to your Core Group provides more value than just two sessions of 1 on 1 therapy.
  • Do you accept insurance for payment?

    Kizunara Wellness does not accept insurance because we are not offering a mental health diagnosis or a medical service. Typically, services that are covered by insurance cannot be covered by your company's professional development stipend or wellness stipend. Therefore, we are not able to provide a super-bill to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement either.

  • Can I pay with my FSA or HSA?

    Kizunara Wellness is not a healthcare provider, so your membership cannot be paid for with your FSA or HSA card.