Building resilience is a skill you can master

Everyone deserves to learn the essential skill of resilience so they can reach their full potential. With the right education and support, you can improve resiliency in the face of uncertainty, find inner peace, and sustain a growth mindset.

  • Social Support

    Having a support system of peers is essential for fostering resilience in times of crisis or trauma.

  • Self Esteem

    A strong foundation in your sense of self prevents feelings of powerlessness in the face of adversity.

  • Coping Skills

    Skills like optimism, sharing, and problem solving can not only change your mood, but also change your world view.

  • Communication Skills

    Being able to articulate your thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations clearly and effectively allow you to seek the support you need and help you feel seen.

  • Emotional Regulation

    Your ability to use cognitive and somatic tactics to name and tame your your patterns are directly related to how quickly you can bounce back in times of stress.

  • Sensory Regulation

    Understanding and regulating how your body feels with diet and supplements directly impacts your emotions and your optimism.

Healing Through Deep Relationships

Building resilience not only depends on skills but also requires a support system.

Through the Kizunara Wellness Social Club, you'll form deep relationships to support you through your journey.

Our Members

Our members are startup founders, executives, small business owners, and sometimes even celebrities. The common thread is that they are leader of teams and they are faced with tough decisions everyday.

  • Stephanie, Managing Director

    "I started when I was really low, and not in tune with my inner voice. Now, I am better at trusting my gut and being in tune with my wants and needs."

  • Jacob, Co-founder

    "Startup life really beat me down. I needed tactics and habits to help me self-moderate so I can roll with the punches. This community has helped so much!"

  • Eva, Head of Design

    "My upbringing was so focused on achievement that I never got to know myself and felt lost. This has been a safe space to help me explore."

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Premium Group Coaching

This isn't a random meeting in a conference room or church basement. We utilize a range of virtual and in-person touchpoints to help you stay connected and supported throughout your journey. Kick off your wellness journey with an in-person kick off with your group.

Let Our Guides Show You The Way

You'll be matched with a professional guide who will lead your group through a research-backed curriculum, designed to help you understand your values, find your confidence and beat burnout.

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Reflect & Evolve With A Small Group Of Peers

You'll be carefully matched into a core group of six to eight peers. As you work through the curriculum and share your lived experiences with each other, you'll peer through the looking glass of someone else's experience to make more sense of your own.

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Think you might be suffering from burnout?

Find out in less than 5 minutes with our Burnout Assessment Quiz.

You have always been resilient and brilliant

Give yourself permission to tap into your innate strengths by using the best, ongoing support that can actually make a sustained difference in your day to day life.


Who is the Kizunara Wellness Social Club for?

Members of our community typically have the following level of experience: Business Owners, Founders, C-Suite, VPs, Directors, Heads Of, and high performing Principal Level Individual Contributors. If you are an independent consultant, solopreneur, or celebrity with a team, you may also qualify. Our members come from all functions and industries.

Can I use my company's wellness stipend to pay for Kizunara Wellness?

Yes, you should be able to use your wellness stipend to pay for Kizunara Wellness. Please reach out if you need help with this.

Can I use my company's education stipend to pay for Kizunara Wellness?

Yes, you should be able to use your company's education stipend to pay for Kizunara Wellness. Although it may not explicitly contain your job function's name in the program, our science backed curriculum will help you become more self aware and a better leader.

Is Kizunara Wellness Social Club considered group therapy?

While our facilitators are licensed to perform therapy in their home states, Drycraft Wellness is only providing coaching services. Coaching will include education around topics and behavioral techniques that may aid in overall wellness. Formal diagnoses will not be provided.

What does Kizunara mean?

Kizunara is a a fusion of "Kizuma," "Sankara," and "Nara," indicating a space where strong bonds, learning from the past, and tranquil moments coexist.