You Are At Lower Risk Of Burnout

Your Burnout Assessment score is between 1 and 2.53
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Burnout can lead to reduced efficacy at work and a feeling of self-loss, where you start to question everything about your life. Because your identity is often so tied up with your work and career, you may question your past choices and future goals.

  • Exhaustion

    You could be experiencing low physical energy and this could take a toll on your ability to be effective in day to day life.

  • Mental Distance

    Cynicism or assuming negative intent may become a key thought pattern that continues to fuel negativity about your work.

  • Emotional Impairment

    You may find yourself more emotionally reactive compared to your usual self and this can lead to additional frustration and more burnout.

  • Cognitive Impairment

    With the combination of other symptoms, you could be feeling distracted or low motivation which can get in the way of your performance.

You can learn to be even more resilient and rediscover your passions

With a science-backed curriculum and the right support from a professional guide and a group of supportive peers, you can rediscover yourself, break through self-limiting fears, and get on with achieving your biggest dreams.

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  • $8K per day

    Leaders who do not inspire employees

  • $7.5K per day

    leaders who avoid conflict and tough conversations

  • $7K per day

    Leaders performing extra analysis to put off decisions

  • $6K per day

    Leaders applying routine solutions without thinking creatively

  • $6K per day

    Leaders focusing on themselves vs the company

Is it time for a life pivot?

Although you might not be burned out, perhaps you're feeling like you've lost your sense of self. Or perhaps you've been grinding away and climbing the corporate ladder and feeling like something is missing.

Whatever it is, we can help you revisit your values and ignite that excitement for your future again.

Beat Self Loss
  • Phase 1: The Decision

    You know something isn't quite right. You've had enough of living with your current values. Something has got to give. So, you commit to investing in yourself to create a different future.

  • Phase 2: Seeking Truth

    The journey of introspection takes time. Layer by layer, you peel the onion and go deeper to discover your fundamental values and examine your personal history that led you there.

  • Phase 3: Making Changes

    Based on the truths you discover, you may realize it's time to let go of fundamental values that influence how you see the world. Then begin to shed those patterns bit by bit and transform.

Accelerate your journey

Kizunara Wellness

We are the first Social Wellness Club, a community designed to help you restore your resilience so you can beat your burnout, discover your next chapter, and live more authentically.

Membership to our community gets you access to virtual coaching with a core group and live in-person get togethers. It all kicks off with a luxury in-person retreat too, where you get introduced to your licensed Intuitive Guide and our Science-backed Curriculum.

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The Science

3 Science-Backed Reasons To Participate in a Group Even When You May Not Feel Like It

The law of peer influence

Nobody tells you this when you're an adult: peer Influence is a force that holds a lot of power, even after adolescence!

According to the National Institutes of Health, who you associate with heavily influences your perception of reality and therefore can impact your motivation to change as well as the thought patterns that contribute to a more balanced lifestyle.

To learn more about this phenomenon, read this article from the BBC.

Small group processes help build confidence

When small groups process burnout together through mindfulness techniques, they need to create a safe space and build trust with one another. This safe space allows you to understand how to relate and communicate with others, including building the confidence to express your thoughts and emotions effectively. A recent study demonstrated that groups had a significant impact on the psychological results compared to individual practices.

More studies:

Belonging beats cynicism

This study indicated that when you are in a group coaching environment, the group dynamics allow you to improve your relationships and perception of other-versus-self more quickly. This is because in a group setting, where you feel seen and accepted, it's much easier to move past the cynicism and enable you to start seeing things just slightly differently. This shift is the beginning of a new journey.

Learn. Practice. Evolve.

The Kizunara Wellness Experience

Join for real conversations you can't have anywhere else. We'll guide you on your journey to start feeling better with tools you can apply from day 1.

It's time to get real

Seek Your Truth

When start truth seeking, it might seem overwhelming at first. With our intuitive guides, you'll have someone with you every step of the way to peel back the onion to name and tame your history.

You Deserve to be seen

Connect & Share

After college and grad school, finding your people only gets harder. We’ll connect you to others with similar wellness goals who crave real connection and will unpack what you're going through right there with you.

reclaim your journey

Apply New Skills

Every session, not only will you unpack a profound topic, but you'll learn practical tactics that you can apply immediately to feel better and change your trajectory.

How It Works

A weekend wellness retreat is only a bandaid. With Kizunara Wellness, you get an arsenal of support to help you stay motivated and actually change.

  • 1. Get Matched With A Core Group

    Our admissions team will understand your goals and match you with a Core Group

  • 2. The Retreat

    Kick off your experience with a luxury retreat, designed to help you build trust with your Core Group & Licensed Intuitive Guide. Plus, you'll get introduced to our Science-Backed Curriculum.

  • 3. Bite Sized Learning

    Every week, learn about a new topic or skill in as little as 10 minutes per day with our Science-Backed Curriculum. This part of the experience lasts 3 months, and gives you a solid foundation to build from.

  • 4. Virtual Group Coaching

    Meet every 2 weeks with your Core Group to unpack meaty topics and go deeper on your learning. Experiential coaching will help you understand your history and help you learn new skills.

  • 5. Local In-Person Events

    Meet up with your Core Group or the Extended community with local events.

  • 6. Somatic Modalities

    Get member pricing with our local partners for additional self-care services.

  • Social Support

    Having a support system of peers is essential for fostering resilience in times of crisis or trauma.

  • Self Esteem

    A strong foundation in your sense of self prevents feelings of powerlessness in the face of adversity.

  • Coping Skills

    Skills like optimism, sharing, and problem solving can not only change your mood, but also change your world view.

  • Communication Skills

    Being able to articulate your thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations clearly and effectively allow you to seek the support you need and help you feel seen.

  • Emotional Regulation

    Your ability to use cognitive and somatic tactics to name and tame your your patterns are directly related to how quickly you can bounce back in times of stress.

  • Sensory Regulation

    Understanding and addressing how your body feels with diet and supplements directly impacts your emotions and your optimism.


What is Kizunara Wellness?

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What is a Social Wellness Club?

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Is there a wellness retreat?

Yes, the Wellness Retreat is open to new members and is part of the kick off experience. Learn more